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Teaching, Including, and Supporting College Students with Intellectual Disabilities

University of Education Salzburg


This book provides higher education professionals and proponents of post-secondary education programs for students with intellectual disabilities (ID) with a comprehensive guide to developing new programs and inclusive practices for college students with ID. Drawing on their own extensive experience with inclusive college programs, the authors outline lessons learned and offer helpful advice for developing, organizing, and implementing such programs. Covering topics from operating key program elements – such as career training and preparing for post-program success – to working with families and addressing safety issues, this book is both a practical resource and a springboard for generating innovative ideas to expand inclusive learning and living opportunities for individuals with ID. This valuable resource provides a research-based overview of the key elements that any higher education professional or advocate should know when supporting students with and without disabilities.

Topic: Academics,Implementing a Program,Running a Program,Policy & Legislation,Transition,Student Support,
Author: Kelly R. Kelley & David L. Westling
Year of publication: 2019
Place and Publisher: Routledge
Date: 12-July-2022
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