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What others say

julie 1

TCPID Graduate, Trinity College, Dublin

Julie O Brien

I enjoyed meeting new people and I enjoyed meeting with the new students.


Graduate and 'An Post' Employee, TCPID, Trinity College, Dublin

Niamh Biddulph

Go for it, don’t doubt yourself. It can be scary starting college, but everyone feels that. Overcoming any fears brings confidence and independence. Everyone is in the same boat.

Unterstrass 1

Student écolsiv, Institut Unterstrass at the Zurich University of Teacher Education

Luc Le

Zu meiner Zeit war Inklusion an der Volksschule noch kein Thema. Umso mehr freut es mich, dass Inklusion – dank écolsiv – heute über die Grundschule hinausgeht.

schober christine porträt

Head of Tutoring Programme, University of Education Salzburg

Christine Schober

Online tutorials are no problem for D. and P., they even decided to work together on a project about Egypt. They communicate with their tutors and each other via Zoom.

Carmel O'Sullivan

Head of School, School of Education, Trinity College, Dublin

Carmel O'Sullivan

For us, inclusion is not just about where our students are taught, but refers to the quality of their experience of Trinity life and education, both inside and beyond the classroom. Our students have created and enabled an inclusive learning environment where individuals and groups in Trinity College feel respected, engaged, motivated and valued for who they are and for their contributions to educational and societal goals.


Tutor, University of Education Salzburg


BLuE is a great programme for BLuE students as well as us student tutors. My BLuE student really enjoys his studies and being around helpful people. I think I can learn a lot from him. People should take an example of him: he has a job, studies at university, participates in a work-placement and enjoys his life. Admirable!

Unterstrass 1

Student écolsiv, Institut Unterstrass at the Zurich University of Teacher Education

Luc Le

Studying at the Highschool was important for me. I was allowed to go to school with people without disabilities. I always wanted this. The cool thing is, I got in “at the top”: I went to school with adults. For this experience I’m very grateful.

Linda Doyle

Provost Trinity College, Dublin

Linda Hogan

When I was first introduced to TCPID here in Trinity I was completely bowled over by this centre, its students, its staff and the teaching and learning methodologies in place. TCPID challenges everything you think you know about university education, inclusivity and access. It makes you reimagine what is possible for education and the world. It makes a difference for its students and for all of us here in Trinity.

Graduations 19.8.21 Paul Sharp Photographer.

TCPID Graduate, Trinity College Dublin

Benóg Brady Bates

I decided to come to Trinity College Dublin because I wanted to make more friends and to get education. I wanted to feel independent and to know more about myself, to see what are my weaknesses and my strengths.


TCPID Graduate, Trinity College, Dublin

Barry Olwill

I came to Trinity because I wanted to experience college life and I love learning about new things.


Lecturer with BLuE Program, University of Education Salzburg

Nicola Sommer

I want to adress a great online seminar we had: Our inclusive student D. presented a self-made lapbook, while also adressing questions from the chat. He talked about the topic in an entertaining way. It was awesome!

An-Post-Logo-Header-300x150 (002)

Business Partner of TCPID, Trinity College, Dublin

An Post

I honestly believe that our teams at An Post have been wonderfully uplifted and enriched thanks to our partnership with the Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disability.

hi_logo_positiv_eng_vert (002)

Graduate student

University of Iceland

I applied because what I had heard about the programme felt exciting. The training is great, it has boosted my confidence and I have met new people. I am on the preschool line and have learned a lot that I can use in my work study. When I graduate, I want to work in a preschool. I encourage everyone interested in applying for the programme because it provides all kinds of opportunities.

Foto Plaute

Vice Rector, University of Education Salzburg

Wolfgang Plaute

It is lovely to see how positive the programme influences our whole institution. We all learn from each other. It is a great experience for us all!


Business Partner of TCPID, Trinity College, Dublin

Phoenix Recruitment

We are honoured to be partnering with the TCPID, Trinity College Dublin, for the next 3 years. This is an incredible program that provides real opportunities to those that historically have been left out of normal academic and working life.

Unterstrass - Damian

Student écolsiv, Institut Unterstrass at the Zurich University of Teacher Education

Damian Bright

Das Studium ist ein Kraftakt – aber es funktioniert! Ich brauche nur mehr Zeit als meine Kolleginnen und Kollegen. In der Langsamkeit liegt auch meine Stärke. Es entgeht uns viel weniger, wenn wir langsam sind. Das anerkennen auch meine Mitstudentinnen und Mitstudenten.


Administration Staff, University of Education Salzburg

Sabine Lumetzberger

I like the constructive atmosphere during BLuE team meetings. Everyone is committed to the project. We do our best to facilitate an inclusive culture at the university and to solve problems quickly. It is sometimes challenging but very rewarding!

hi_logo_positiv_eng_vert (002)

Graduate student

University of Iceland

I applied to the programme because I wanted more education. I have found it very enjoyable to be at the University. What stands out is getting to know students from other courses. I got a job where I had my work study which is a social center, I would like to continue working there after I graduate. It's really fun to be in college, so I encourage everyone interested to apply.

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