University of Education Salzburg

Public University | Students: 1000 | Required minimum age: 18 years
University of Education Salzburg Stefan Zweig is working based on a holistic perspective on humans. Via performance requirements, assistance and reflection upon their actions the whole person should be able to develop regarding their thinking, feeling, wanting and acting. Abilities, skills, maturity and independence may flourish in an climate of mutual mindfulness.

BLuE Programme

IPSE Programme | Students contingent: 8 | Required minimum age: 18 years

BLuE stands for education, competence in life and empowerment.
It is an inclusive post-secondary education programme of the University of Education Stefan Zweig.
It is made for students with disabilities.
One cannot become a teacher within this programme.

Short Facts

Next programme start: 01/10/2023

Deadline to apply to this programme: 10/03/2023

Duration of programme: 4 years

Summer programme

Tuition Fees per Year: 40-50

Types of Courses: fully inclusive