Heidelberg University of Education

Public University | Students: 4.900 | Required minimum age: 18 years
The Heidelberg University of Education was founded in 1904 and is a higher education institution. Its members teach and research primarily in the fields of education sciences, subject didactics and special needs education. They are also specialized in the transfer of their expertise, for example to companies, (non-profit) organizations and the public.

Annelie-Wellensiek-Centre for Inclusive Education

IPSE Programme | Students contingent: - | Required minimum age: 18 years

At the AW-ZIB, people with and without disabilities teach and research together on cross-sectional tasks of inclusion. What is new about this is that people who are considered cognitively impaired and who have successfully completed a three-year full-time qualification as education specialists work at the centre. The AW-ZIB plays a pioneering role: it is the first centre of its kind to be located at a university as an academic institution and inclusion department.

Short Facts

Next programme start: 01/04/2022

Duration of programme: single seminars or workshops

Summer programme

Tuition Fees per Year: 171.75-1671.75

Types of Courses: hybrid

KeplerstraƟe 87
Heidelberg, Germany

Annelie-Wellensiek-Centre for Inclusive Education

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